Tasmanian Longitudinal Health Study

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TAHS Participants

In 1968, Tasmanian school children who were 7 years old were enrolled in The Tasmanian asthma study, which would later become the TAHS. There were 8,583 of these original recruits, we call ‘probands’. These probands are now 60-61 years old, and reside all over Australia and overseas.

In 1968 questionnaire data was also collected from proband’s parents so that factors such as parental smoking, or illnesses like asthma could be considered.

In 2007 siblings of probands became involved. Questionnaires and clinic visits completed by siblings helped investigators look at the influence of shared childhood environments on respiratory health.

 We aim to make the TAHS a multi-generational respiratory health study, so we are recruiting the children of TAHS probands for future research.